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Man belongs to Nature

Man has the need to return to his original habitat to be able to find his roots. He needs to reset his biological clock and free himself from stressful work rhythms, quick meals and social likes. To peel off the asphalt from his soles and walk bare foot in the sand, in the earth, on grass, splash in the water free from clothes. To undress and regain all his senses. 
Man has the need to build his relationships in a natural context where, hidden by too many superfluous layers, can finally be expressed; become aware of himself and gain a new self self-assurance.

Let nature take its course

The aim of H2N is to help us return to nature, get to the heart of everything, reach a balance, search for and recreate joy, and be in harmony with the surrounding world, build a personal path in private and professional life.

Specialized coaches, personalized paths, team building

Providing a wide range of specialized Coaches and a series of specific activities, H2N offers services and personalized itineraries for individuals for as well as companies interested in growth and team developing, out of the offices, in a natural environment.

Team Building

A well-functioning body

New potential

Fun and sharing will be the tool used by the coach to develop a dynamic collaboration and interaction within a team. The participants will return to their offices enriched by new experiences as well as invigorated by a faith in their capabilities and in the capabilities of others.

Team Working

Team building is a way to strengthen communication, efficiency and well-being within a team. The participants will in fact take part in activities and will also have to resolve challenging tasks and problems.

Sailing Boat

Has always been an excellent metaphor of life within a company. Only a close knit team can obtain the most from its vessel. The sail, in fact, to be able to survive, needs the contribution of balance and synergy of the all members of the crew.

Cookery School

Rediscover the flavor of tradition , the respect of seasonal cycles, get to know local products, use the sense of smell and taste in harmony with the environment helped by pleasant keepers of antique recipes.

Food for the Soul

Rebuild a healthy and stimulating relationship with food. Educate and re-find the pleasure of taste and a sense of well being, balance and happiness in nutrition. Gain energy and satisfaction from food. Because, after all, we are what we eat.

Olive Picking

Living the experience of olive –picking, breathing the century old charm of the olive groves, taking part in the olive milling with the fragrance of just extracted extra virgin olive oil, enjoying the air and the smells of the countryside.

Grape Harvesting

Savor as a protagonist the emotion of grape harvesting, an experience which has roots in the land and which allows to retrieve sensations from long ago immersed in a dream world.

Seasonal Harvesting

Becoming part of many of the agriculture companies and living the life of the farmers, following the natural seasonal rhythms of products. It will be a surprise to discover how much there is to do and to learn from the fruits of the earth.

Wine Educational

A unique sensorial experience through visits to wine cellars, strolls though the vineyards, guided tasting, analytical sensorial games.; a fascinating trip in the world of wine through the narration of a territory and its products. A game which will turn the participants into true.

Back to the Roots

Learning to relate with nature , feeling part of it and becoming part of it with natural methods to increase intelligence and thought. The course allows to improve personal and professional relationships contributing to individual well being as well as of society and environment.

Relay On

Learning to help the members in your own team to cross the finishing line; this is the essence of a team “relay “ game which develops support, trust and discovers the strength and weakness which will be a total benefit to the whole group.

Mindfulness and Wellness

Reduce stress and anxiety by taking care of mind and body , through exercises, strolls, spa treatments, listening to yourself and others, therefore increasing the capacity of personal recovery and awareness.


Feel the nature, learn the discipline, brush off the superfluous to re-find internal energy. Coming closer to that which distinguishes us; simplicity, retreat, meditation, clarity.

Meditation with Trees

There are some methods to approach and interact with and withdraw from a tree. Following specific passages, a silent ritual of communion is created with the tree; this increases the potential interaction with the universe that surrounds us.

The right Coaching for you

Time to change, time to improve yourself

Coaching is a path that leads to knowledge. It is a way to change and reach goals recognizing your own potential. Choose your ideal type of coaching.

Life Coaching

Allows you to develop and enhance your individual potential, growth and affirmation.

Career Coaching

Helps to improve your professional performances, motivation and self-confidence, to reach the set desired goal.
The itinerary focuses on actions that aim at achievements and reinforcement.

One-to-one Coaching

You will work together with an Executive Coach on specific areas of strengths and weaknesses with the aim of reaching your true potential.

Executive Coaching

Helps Executives and Top Managers to sharpen the tools and techniques needed to assert leadership within an organization, because those who have the responsibility of a decision making role also have a determining responsibility regarding the future of the company.

Golf and Relax

Resort Verdura Fields

Great views of the Mediterranean sea

Fantastic location, 570 acres, situated by a 1.8km coastline between oranges and olives, with stunning views of the Mediterranean, spectacular golf course with some holes directly by the sea.

For those who want to leave behind and spend a wonderful period of golf and relax, the golf course of Resort Verdura, close to Sciacca, gives the opportunity to live an exceptional experience. 
H2N will pamper you during your free time.

An extraordinary golf academy

Three golf courses “links” warmed by the sun and cooled by sea breezes with breath taking views. A “ double tee “ practice golf course. Lessons held by qualified PGA professionals.

An extraordinary golf academy for young budding golfers. Two 18 hole competition golf courses. One 9 hole golf course all designed by Kyle Philips. Verdura Resort is a famous all year round golf destination.

Our Team

Our expert at your disposal
Maria Isolina Catanese
Founder of H2N
Fabrizio Miccichè
Francesco Atanasio
Rosie Smith
PNL Coach
Shoruq Burjaq

Terre Sicane, The Wine Roads

A perfect location for those who want to get closer to nature

The territory of Terre Sicane, between Menfi, Sciacca, Montevago and Sambuca in the province of western Agrigento, has for thousands of years been the cradle of civilization. Life, here, has always been based on agriculture and nowadays on viticulture, olives, and on the whole, food and wine products, often organic, have become a fundamental economic resource and safe- guarded by the territory. A gentle hilly landscape suspended between the blue sea and a much loved countryside looked after by farmers and local producers. A perfect location for those who wish to come closer to nature.


Organization of events

Manifestations and conventions in modern and comfortablestructures.

Hotel and Restaurant services

In farm restaurants or enchanting resorts set in unspoilt scenery.

Transfer services

To and from airports and car rental.

Organization of excursions

In the area it is possible to take part in archaeological excursions to the temples of Selinunte and Segesta; historical- cultural to Palermo and Monreale; scenic to the Egadi Islands and to the Nature reserve of Lo Zingaro to the sea salt pans of Marsala.

Recreational and Sporting Services

It is possible to take part in various sports, from tennis to golf, scuba diving, windsurfing, canoeing, horse riding, trekking. Furthermore, there is an old railway line approximately 20km long of coastline, which has been transformed into a cycling lane ,for those who wish to explore the area on two wheels.


Dove Siamo - Where we Are

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