Be the director of your own "internal movie" with Matrix Reimprinting / How we can rewrite our emotional past

by Luana Licata - Guest Blogger
07 March 2018

The importance of the "inner child" or "sub-personality" features in many branches of psychology.

This is a part of our personality that always remains in a childlike state and thus retains the characteristics of the world of childhood. It is the side of our nature that’s responsible for our playfulness, creativity and sense of wonder, but also for our vulnerability.

The concept was first expressed by Swiss psychoanalyst, philosopher and anthropologist Carl Gustav Jung in 1912, who coined the term "Puer aeternus" (Eternal Child). This was a reference to the archetypal infant of fairy tales and myths in which a varied cast of young characters, such as Hansel and Gretel, Tom Thumb and Cinderella, are mistreated and abused by evil monsters or witches.

Matrix Reimprinting is related to Emotional Freedom Technique, the "anti-shock” emotional therapy we discussed here recently ( However, while it shares many aspects with EFT, Matrix Reimprinting goes much further.

In the context of the body’s energy fields, the phenomenon of the inner child occurs when part of our psyche becomes detached in order to isolate traumatic events that the conscious mind cannot deal with, due to a lack of emotional resources.

For example, imagine a 10-year-old child trapped in a lift. They will inevitably experience sensations of abandonment and lost. These negative emotions can endure in the child’s mind, remaining buried even after they have reached adulthood. The feelings may manifest themselves as a sense of claustrophobia or fear of enclosed spaces in later life.

These inner children exist locally in the body’s energy “matrix”. They are stuck in space and time and never grow up. It doesn’t matter how much time has elapsed since the traumatic, be it a month or ninety years. 

In the body’s energy system there will still be children of one, seven or fifteen years, or babies of six months, locked in the moment at which the trauma occurred in the matrix. As in the case of the trapped child mentioned above, this would be the moment when the they were stuck in the lift.

The problem is that we unconsciously spend our lives listening to these inner children and are guided by their mistaken perceptions: these past subsconscious memories become events taking place in the present. The adult continues to re-live in those feelings which were first experienced in childhood. 

According to Karl Dawson, the founder of Matrix Reimprinting, in his book 'Matrix Reimprinting: Rewriting the past to transform the future', based on the established EFT technique, Matrix Reimprinting allows effective intervention on the origin of traumas –  the Matrix – to dissolve painful memories and turn them into something constructive. Matrix Reimprinting is an innovative response to EFT, because it doesn’t limit itself to erasing the memory of trauma, but instead replaces it with new positive memories, which transform the Matrix, thus releasing the energy necessary for a new state of well-being. 

But how does it work?

The starting point is one of the traditional EFT practices called the "Movie Technique. We work on an old memory that still has a negative impact on our current life and we trace it back in our mind as if it were a movie, stopping at every point where we feel changes in our body or in our emotions. As with EFT, we use tapping to deal with the negative consequences of the trauma.

With Matrix Reimprinting, however, we can stop the film at any time and interact with the inner child experiencing that memory. We can step into the scenes of the movie and work with tapping on our inner child through tapping our actual body. We can also communicate with the inner child to obtain information about the trauma that occurred and provide them new psychological tools and resources. These will enable them to express themselves in the situation which lies at the root of the matrix.

For example, the adult will be able to tell their inner child, still stuck in the elevator, to not be afraid, to press the red alarm button for help and that they will be able to get out safely and return to their mother’s embrace.

Once the emotional knot has been loosened, we can bring our inner child to a place that we love and which we consider safe in order to allow them to create new experiences and have positive emotions.

This is how we rewrite the emotional history of our past to resolve the issues that are preventing us from living our lives to the full in the present.

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