Go slow if you want to go fast!

by Maria Isolina Catanese - CEO of H2N
08 March 2019

Health Habits for Successful People and Companies is a wellness-oriented programme that produces real results. It is aimed at companies with an employee welfare strategy in place.

Human 2 Nature activities are based on solid experience and a track record of delivering successful training and personal growth programmes to business. Our unique method is also inspired by the natural beauty and ancient traditions of Sicily. The current programme enables companies to achieve higher levels of performance in work and human relationships. It also equips participants with the micro-tools they need for managing time and resources.

Our Certified Coaches in Sport and Business, Yoga and Nutrition and Agriculture and Heritage will guide participants to achieve personal growth and engage effectively with others through sharing sessions, physical activity and creative workshops that will trigger new ideas to be applied in everyday life and work situations.

In sync with the calming rhythms of Nature, and led by our team of experts, participants will learn how to achieve their goals faster by slowing down and neutralising the emotional and mental reflexes that can block Natural personal development.

The experience gives participants a high level of satisfaction and a sense of achievement. At the end, they will feel re-invigorated, benefit from an increased sense of shared purpose with their work team and improved mental and physical wellness.

Why is this programme held in contact with Nature and not just in a training room at your company?

After many years of working abroad for multinational companies around the world, in 2011 I realised the ideal place to implement my business was Menfi, Sicily; the place where I was born. 

This location brings you in close contact with Nature: the surrounding countryside, the Mediterranean sea and the historic architectural legacy all combine to make Menfi the ideal place for this course. It lies at the heart of an important winemaking area; and for the last 22 years, the beaches of Menfi have been awarded the prestigious EU Blue Flag for their consistently high levels of cleanliness. The Ancient Greek temples of Selinunte and Agrigento are also within easy reach.

All these factors convinced me that Menfi offers a unique setting for H2N programmes. Within a single location, participants can experience all aspect of the good life and enjoy a wide range of activities.

You can explore the stunning landscape on foot, horseback or by bike. Try your hand at sailing and experience Sicily as its ancient inhabitants did. There are so many different ways to realign the body and the soul with the Natural world in this peaceful and inspiring region.

Now imagine sustaining and transferring these positive feelings to your workplace and daily routine. 

With Human 2 Nature this really is possible.

We provide a solid foundation of experiences on which to build healthy habits for life. The opportunity to gain an altered perspective can help growth and restore energy levels.

How does this work?

Let's start with what happens you when you slow everything down and just take in the beauty of the Natural world that surrounds you.

Stop. Pause. Breathe.

Take time to observe Nature and to rediscover what is exceptional, the special things in life that are often obscured or dulled by the normal, the established routines of family life and business.

In the magical setting of Menfi, people find it easier to re-set themselves; to become aware of the beauty of Nature. Participants also gain a sharper focus of the changes that need to be made in everyday life and work in order to improve effectiveness and achieve goals.

Immersed in Nature and enjoying unhurried conversation around a camp fire; doing guided meditation and breathing exercises; sharing one-to-one and in groups: these are part of the unique experiences that H2N offers, all in the breathtaking surroundings of “Menfishire”.

Do you already have a Coach or Trainer in your company?

Human 2 Nature will be delighted to support your existing training programmes through practical help and facilitation. This can be dovetailed with our specialist coaching programmes. Our highly successful method will add value to your company training days. We can add the necessary spark of creativity and feed the fire with coaching and team building ideas that can be applied in any training situation.

It is no coincidence that this area has been chosen as the location of the exclusive "Google Camp" for several years running.

Each year, Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin invite influential business leaders, fellow tech gurus and a sprinkling of thought leaders and superstars. Specially invited guests to the event have included Eric Schmidt, Barry Diller, Diane Von Furstenberg, Kevin Durant, Harry Styles, James Corden, Daniel Ek, Brian Grazer, Reed Hastings, Jeff Katzenberg, Gayle King, Joshua Kushner, Karlie Kloss, David Geffen and Evan Spiegel. Previous editions have hosted Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, filmmaker George Lucas, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Fiat Automobiles heir Lapo Elkann, Queen Rania of Jordan and singers Pharrell, Rihanna and Andrea Bocelli.

Successful companies can take care of their employees first. 

So, are you ready to bring your team to Menfi for a unique experience?

The programme takes place in Menfi from May to October. For further details, write to us at: info@human2nature.it


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