Il workshop si prefigge lo scopo di individuare sia luoghi o manifestazioni sonore significative in grado di restituire un senso che ci parli della città, della sua storia, del suo volto manifesto e nascosto. I/le partecipanti verranno opportunamente stimolati/e verso una ricerca nel territorio, attraverso l’uso di precisi strumenti concettuali e di pratiche d’indagine, della conoscenza di un vocabolario descrittivo ed interpretativo rivolto ai fenomeni sonori, agli effetti sonori, alle pratiche sonore. L’esperienza della passeggiata sonora attraversa tutte Le possibilità di declinazione dell’atto dell’ascoltare.

L’immissione consapevole del suono nell’ambiente può manifestarsi sia nei nostri comportamenti quotidiani sia nelle forme di rappresentazione estetica, intesa come la produzione musicale e/o artistica



Check into your accommodation, relax and unwind. Meet your group and your coaches. Introduction to SOUNDSCAPE, listening exercises and preparation for Sound-walk. Have a healthy dinner, get a good night sleep and get ready to start in the morning!


  • Yoga and Pranayama
  • Breath and body awareness meditation
  • Breakfast
  • SOUNDSCAPE. The hill. Sound-walk at Fattoria Lombardo
  • Yoga and Pranayama
  • Lunch
  • SOUNDSCAPE. The Sea. Sound-walk at Nature Reserve of Foce del Fiume Belice and Dune Limitrofe
  • Metta meditation
  • Back to Fattoria Lombardo and relax
  • Dinner
  • Music and soundscape performance in the courtyard. SOON Sounds Of Other Nature* (performance in the dark with quadraphonic elements of soundscape and live music)


  • Yoga and Pranayama
  • Breath and body awareness meditation
  • Breakfast
  • SOUNDSCAPE. The city. Soundwalk a Menfi
  • Meditation on love
  • Lunch
  • Conclusions / feedback


Sound is continuous, listening is intermittent.
We live surrounded by an ocean of sound, we are born inside sound.
Sound is the most widespread element in nature but we do not always know how to recognise it.
The first religions reveal Sound as a divinity from which all things originate. Sound was God.
Today the “civilization of appearance” drowns and deafens us, it hides the origins of our species, it misleads us from true nature.
Sound marks a boundary between an intangible reality and a tangible reality.

Sound is invisible, but it is a vibrant substance that obstinately acts on our existential dimension whether psychological, neurological, behavioural, cultural and in every sphere of human, animal and vegetable behaviour.

* The concert will be open to the public..
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